Why We Do What We Do

We noticed a problem…

There wasn’t a good solution for delivering digital map packages to schools and teachers. Some were too expensive. Some were costly subscriptions. Some had maps that were outdated or the maps that didn’t align with the curriculum.

So we built a solution.

We offer a complete K-12 projection classroom map collection that includes over 600 maps for world & U.S. history, government, earth science, world & human geography, SOL specific maps as well as interactive layered PDF and GIS world, USA, continent and state maps. We also have in-house cartographers to develop custom regional, county or city maps. That means if we don’t have the map you need to illustrate your lesson, we make it!

eMapShop is a partnership between The Map Shop in Charlotte NC, and Globe & Map Shop in Richmond VA. Between the two companies, we have over 50 years of cartography and publishing experience tailored to educators. We’re glad you’ve found us.


We’re standing by to help. Call 800-948-6845 or email us at staff@globeandmapshop.com and we can answer your sales questions. Click here if you need support with your eMapShop products. 

Our Locations

eMapShop Richmond

11634 Busy St # A
Richmond, VA 23236

eMapShop Charlotte

1500 E Morehead St
Charlotte, NC 28207