Basic High School Package

Our High School collection includes 330 maps that cover multiple aspects of your curriculum. We include world maps in multiple projections that chart geographic, historic, and scientific data and they are the perfect companion to your lessons on the world’s population, languages, or early explorers (just to name a few). In addition to traditional political and relief US maps, our collection includes maps showing climate, land use, time zones and much more. This is the only map collection specifically designed around supporting high school and junior college curriculums with our most elite class of maps.

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Fully Interactive

Zoom, pan, add notes, print, and save your maps.

Layered Maps Also Included

Toggle layers to display or hide the data that best complements your lessons.


We develop the exact maps needed for your curriculum.

Any Map Is Possible

Our team at eMapShop has decades of experience designing maps to schools. You will get exactly what you need.

330+ Maps Included!

You will have a reference for EVERY lesson.

Beautiful, Data-Rich Maps Always Available

Save time in lesson planning, you no longer have to hunt down references that visually demonstrate your lessons.

Custom Options!

Customize the package to your curriculum

Full Customization Available For:

County site licenses and multi-school licenses (4 or more)
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Our Basic High School Package Includes:

  • Interactive Continent Maps

  • Complete 73 US History Collection

  • 128 Map World History Collection

  • Presidential Election Map Collection

  • World Climate, Landuse, Population and more

  • Multiple Earth Projection Maps

  • Maps with the World’s Physical Features

  • Illustrations of the Types of Communities

  • Community Government Maps

  • Maps Illustrating Historic Events

  • World Political Maps

  • Continent Maps in Multiple Styles

  • Polar Region Maps

  • State-Specific Maps

  • Blank Maps for Testing

Basic High School Package


Just a Few Examples of Our Maps

Over 330 maps are included in this package in various projections and in various styles. If we don’t already have the map you need, we will make you a map that will fit your curriculum. Here are a few examples of our maps. (Please note most maps are cropped here to show detail.)

Pre-Columbian North America

Detailed World

World Interactive

Central America

Detailed US Physical

World Political

Asia Political

Map Projections Explained

The 1900s

World Physical

Pre Human

Historic Europe

Continent Maps

US Climate

Civil War

American Revolution

Election Maps

Outline Only Maps

Polar Regions

Earth & Globe

Aegean Greece

Underground Railroad

Roman Empire

Economy Intro

Mexico Facts

Iraq War

Spread of Islam

Bill to Law

Continental Drift

Battle of Gettysburg

European Claims

13 Colonies

US Railroads

Interactive State Map Demo

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