Single-User Map Packages

Schools and teachers who need the most robust map packages should click here for more details on our full school packages.

This page outlines our single-user map packages that we offer to individuals who don’t need all the maps we include in our full packages. Create a custom map package that includes only the reference maps you require for your lessons. There is a $39 base price for the PC version and a $69 base price for the Mac version in addition to the customized map packages that you add. Complete pricing and details are below. Note: our single user packages can only be installed on one computer for educational reference.

Stay tuned for web-based packages that will be launched in 2017.

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Just a Few Examples of Our Maps

Here are a few examples of the maps included in some of our single-user packages. (Please note most maps are cropped here to show detail.)

Pre-Columbian North America

Detailed World

World Interactive

Central America

Detailed US Physical

World Political

Asia Political

Map Projections Explained

The 1900s

World Physical

Pre Human

Historic Europe

Continent Maps

US Climate

Civil War

American Revolution

Election Maps

Outline Only Maps

Polar Regions

Earth & Globe

Aegean Greece

Underground Railroad

Roman Empire

Economy Intro

Mexico Facts

Iraq War

Spread of Islam

Bill to Law

Continental Drift

Battle of Gettysburg

European Claims

13 Colonies

US Railroads

Interactive State Map Demo

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