Yes, of course! Click here to check it out.

Click here to view a video showing you how to set up Adobe Acrobat Reader effectively so you can zoom and select with ease.  You can download Acrobat Reader from here: Download Acrobat Reader.


Yes, and we have a couple videos that show you how. The instructions will vary slightly depending on what version of Adobe Acrobat you have on your computer. Click the links below for your version.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9
Adobe Acrobat Reader 10
Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 and DC

If you prefer not to watch the videos, here are the written instructions:

The eMapshop was designed to be an easy-to-use, hassle-free replacement for pull-down maps. As long as you’ve added those tools above, it is as easy as clicking the right map on a map list and maybe using the zoom tool to make a point.  Where it gets more complex is marking up the maps and saving them for email to your students. Here is a 10 step plan to accomplish that.

  1. Save the map to the desktop
  2. Open it in Acrobat
  3. Attempt to crop it and Acrobat will ask you if you want to save an unprotected copy under a different name
  4. Save the map to the desktop or anywhere with a new name
  5. Open the new map up in Acrobat
  6. Right click the layers that you want to be “on” and change their initial state to on
  7. Right click the layers that you want to be “off and change their initial state to off
  8. Put any additional comments on the map
  9. Crop the map to the zoom you require
  10. Under Commenting, save the map under yet another name for Adobe Reader commenting

Yes! We’re so glad you asked. Click here to view.

P.O.’s should be issued to Globe & Map Shop, LLC. You can send them to us by:

11634 Busy Street
Richmond, VA 23236.



Yes! All school packages include curriculum customization. We will work directly with you to develop a suite of maps that illustrates your required lessons.

Single-user packages can only be customized to your curriculum requirements with add-on packages. For example, if you teach World History up to 1500 in middle schools in your district, you would add this 61 map collection for $199 to the basic middle school package.

Click the package you’re interesting in below. You will see the category, name and thumbnail picture of the map. Replace the state map with your specific state. Please note that any custom or local maps listed are not included and are only examples of custom maps we can add to district or multiple school site licenses.

Standard Elementary Map List

Standard High School Map List

Standard Middle School Map List

Here are our latest versions of the eMapshop app. Click on one of the “Download” links below and click here for a video demo on how to use this sample. Download this 9MB  file and either “run” off the download or save somewhere on your PC and double click the eMapshopSample.exe to start the install. At this point you can install it on a single PC or a school network.  If you want to try a network install, on a mapped drive in which you have read/write permissions. For other help, contact us at support@emapshop.help

Download the sample for Windows PC.  Before you install it, please be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.x or higher installed on your PC. Open up some PDF file on it and make sure it works, then install the eMapshop download.

Download the sample for an Apple Mac. Before you install it, please be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.x or higher installed on your Mac.

Download the sample for a Windows PC with the optional Klett-Perthes Digital World Atlas portion of the package that is typically used at either the Middle School or High level

Download the sample for a HTML version.  This zip file contains all the files you need to set up a test web site on any web server.  Unzip the downloaded file and copy the unzipped files to the web server’s home web directory.  The default start page is index.htm..

The eMapshop’s big advantage is that it is a perpetual license and you own it. Therefore you don’t have to pay year after year for the privilege of using it. But we all know the political world changes. What happens when you decide it is time to update your maps? It’s really very simple. You just buy a new package at the prevailing price and we give you a credit for your old package less $99. This way you can update it as frequently or as infrequently as you like for a minimal charge. If our software is improved and /or your operating systems change, it is all upgraded at the same time: all for one low fee. And with every upgrade you get a year of free maintenance and support just like you did when you first bought the package.

There are times when a district Social Studies Coordinator needs to see all the packages in use in their district. For example an Elementary Map package, a Middle School Package and a High School package.

It’s easy with the latest version 3 of eMapshop.  Just load each package individually. Since the install has a slightly different name for each package, the PC does care how many packages you install. It creates it’s own sub-directory in the Program Files folder based on the package name.


This package is designed to be installed on individual PC hard drives either directly or remotely, or you can install on a school network. One of the advantages of eMapshop is its speed versus web based maps. It will run okay on a network but it runs fastest when installed on individual PC hard drives. With a School site license agreement, feel free to install it on as many computers within your school as you like.

Installation Procedures

  1. Install Adobe Reader version 10.x or higher on your PC and test to insure it is working properly.
    1. You can download a free copy from Adobe.com if you do not already have it running on your PC.
    2. After installation, please open a PDF document and answer the Adobe license agreement information before utilizing it with the eMapShop program.
    3. This software is designed to use whatever .pdf reader is specified as the default on your PC. To change, review this on the install DVD: “eMapshop Change Default PDF Application From Edge to Acrobat”.  Additioal information can be found here:
  2. If you purchased the Perthes Digital World Atlas with your package, please install it before installing the eMapShop package.
    1. Insert the enclosed Perthes Digital World Atlas DVD install disk into your PCs CD-DVD drive.
    2. Wait one minute for the installation program to run.
    3. If the install program does not start running, then use Windows Explorer to navigate to that drive and double left mouse click on Setup.
  1. Install the eMapShop Program.
    1. Insert the enclosed eMapShop DVD install disk into your PCs CD-DVD drive.
    2. Wait one minute for the installation program to run.
    3. If the install program does not start running, then use Windows Explorer to navigate to that drive and double left mouse click on Setup.
    4. Depending on the package size, the install will run for 5 to 10 minutes while it copies all the maps off the DVD. If you question whether it’s still running, just look at the activity light on your DVD. It should be blinking.
    5. The primary operational documentation is a menu item on the disk.


Yes, users are able to edit the maps. If a teacher chooses to modify or digitally mark-up a map to make it more lesson-specific, they can save the .PDF file on their local drive or any mapped network shared drive. The original PDF maps delivered in our package are read-only so they can’t be edited.  The MAC version of our product works in essentially the same way.

A typical installation takes about 15 minutes for one standalone machine or about an hour to put it on a server via an IT client. eMapShop doesn’t bog down local network resources because once the app calls for a pdf to display, all the rendering (zooming, panning & mark-ups) happens on the client.

It eMapShop is completely compatible with Smartboards, but it can also be used with a simple LCD projector or on individual computer monitors.

The menu app and the folder containing all the PDF’s ranges in size from 800MB for Elementary packages to 1.5GB for High School and Junior College packages. The folder can be stored either on your building server or on selected teacher laptops. The menu app can be “pushed” to individual desktops using whatever software you currently use to control apps on all the PC’s you support, or included in a system image for distribution to every machine in your building (or district if you have a county-wide license).

eMapShop runs under Windows XP, Vista, Win7, 8 and 10 and Mac OS X. It doesn’t need a fast processor either. It runs just fine on an 850mhz processor. The package really relies on two apps. The first is a small app that presents a simple, table-based menu with maps and categories to help the teacher quickly choose the right map for the lesson. The second is some app like Adobe Reader (or Acrobat DC) which is very likely already loaded on every PC in your district.

We also have introduced a web-based version that will run on a Windows PC, Mac PC, and Chromebook. This version currently has some limitation because of new security features built into the newest versions of Edge, Chrome, and Fire Fox browsers.  However, it can be delivered to individual students’ computers over your Intranet or school network without the need to install Adobe Reader or other executable programs or apps.