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We’re excited to announce the release of version 3.2 that’s easy to install and network ready! Each map collection is grade appropriate and includes world, U.S., history and additional Common Core Maps. Toggle layers and add your notes to customize your maps to your curriculum.

Available for School Systems and Individual Teachers/Parents

Our map packages are tailored to your needs. Multi and single user packages are available for classes of any size. Maps can be run on individual computers or networks and are Smart Board or Promethean Board compatible. Click your grade level below for details.

Elementary Schools

Elementary School

Our K–5 Elementary collection focus on early map skills, reference maps, and basic U.S. history.

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Middle Schools

Middle School

A robust package with interactive state, U.S. and world maps along with civic & government collections.

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High Schools

High School

Interactive state, U.S., and world maps plus civic & government and U.S. and world history packages.

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What’s New in eMapshop Version 3.2

New Maps!
Includes updated political changes, “East Sea” label on World History maps, dozens of new maps to address new curriculum requirements.

New Functionality!
Works with any pdf software including Acrobat Reader, Adobe DC and Foxit (layering function works best with Adobe Reader),  allows for multiple maps to be open at the same time, faster and easier network installations, future updates can be provided via patch to eliminate the need to produce a new DVD.

Updates Are Available Starting at $99 – Contact Us For Details

School Packages
Single-User Packages
Virginia SOL