World & U.S. History Package

These are just a few screenshots of the hundreds of maps available within our World and U.S. history package. These maps illustrate pivotal events within your curriculum and are the perfect companion to your lessons.

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World History up to 1500
Human Migration Spread of Agriculture River Valley Civilizations
Indus Huang Valleys The Fertile Crescent & Nile Valley Ancient Egypt
The Ancient Middle East Aegean Greece Kingdom of Israel 1000BC
Greek & Phoenician Colonies Assyria & New Babylonian Empires Ancient Italy 600BC
The Persian War 500BC~479BC Persian Empire 486BC Alexander’s Empire, 323BC
The Hellenistic World The Roman Republic 509~133BC Qin & Han Empires
Athens of the Hellenic Age 30BC Bantu Migrations & Spread of Ironworking The Roman Empire to 117AD
Roman Britain Ancient Rome Jerusalem of the New Testament
Roman Division of Palestine Spread of Christianity Spread of Buddhism Hinduism
Maurya & Gupta Empires Kush & Axum Anglo Saxon Invasions 550~600
European Invasions & Germanic World 395 Byzantine Empire to 565 Spread of Islam to 750
Tang Dynasty, 750 Empire of Charlemagne, 768~814 Vikings
Vikings in England English Resurgence England 1066
The Crusades Crusader States Jewish Migrations & Expulsions, 1000~1500
Feudal / Medieval Shogun Japan Major Religions 1200 Medieval Trade
Song & Jin Dynasties Delhi Sultanate The Empire of Ghenghis Khan
Mongol Khanates The Black Death in Europe Silk Routes
Early Modern Spain Holy Roman Empire – Timeline The Ottoman Empire
West African Empires Africa 900~1400 Latin America 800~1500’s
North_America Culture Areas, Pre-Columbian Early European Exploration
World History after 1500
Imperial Circles of HRE 1512 Holy Roman Empire Layered Timeline Renaissance Italy, 1500
Habsburg Empire under Charles V European Religions Late 1500s Major World Empires 1500-1600
European Exploration of North America Dutch Republic 1609 Expansion of Prussia
The English Civil War 1642~1646 Europe 1648 Spanish Succession
Treaty Of Utrecht 1714 Columbian Exchange Colonial Transatlantic Trade
17th Century Indian Trade Routes Europeans in the Eastern Hemisphere 1714 Europeans in the Western Hemisphere 1714
Exploration of Canada Russia Under Peter The Great Expansion Of Russia under Catherine The Great
Latin America 1780 Partitions of Poland French Revolution
Napoleonic Empire 1804~1815 Congress of Vienna 1815 Latin America 1830
Growth of Canada 1791~1949 European Exploration of Australia Growth of Australia, 1829~1911
Europe during the Industrial Revolution Great Britain: Industrial Revolution to 1851 Great Britain: Population Growth 1861~1891
Feudal/Medieval Shogun Japan Italian Unification, 1858~1870 German Unification, 1865~1871
Congress of Berlin 1878 World Imperialism Imperialism in East Asia, 1912
British Empire 1914 Imperialism in Africa 1914 Imperialism in SE Asia, 1914
The Balkans in 1914 World War I WWI, Western Front, 1914~1918
The Balkans in 1919 Europe after WWI Russian Civil War, 1917~1921
Mandate System 1926 Europe, 1936~1939 WWII in Europe
Normandy Invasion, June 1944 Holocaust Camps in Europe WWII in the Pacific
Divisions of Germany After WWII Israel Since 1947 Chinese Civil War, 1947~1949
Korean War, 1950~1953 The Cold War Major Cold War Conflicts 1945-1990
European Alliances, 1955 Vietnam War Breakup of the Soviet Union
First Gulf War Breakup & Conflict in Yugoslavia European Union
NATO Expansion Afghanistan War Iraq War
US History up to 1870
US Indian Tribes and Linguistic Stocks North American Culture Pre-Columbian Early Explorations in the Carolinas
European Expl of North America European Settlements in N-America 1615 European Claims in N-America 1713
European Claims in N-America 1754 European Claims in N-America 1763 French and Indian War
British Colonies 1764 Colonial Products Colonial Transatlantic Trade
Columbian Exchange Thirteen Colonies with 3 Regions American Revolution 1775~1781
Revolutionary War in the Carolinas North America 1783 Western Land Claims 1783
Northwest Territory 1784 1800 Pres Election Louisiana Purchase 1803
British-American War of 1812 US as of 1820 1824 Pres Election
Texas Revolution 1835 Mexican War 1846 CA Gold Rush 1849
Western Trails 1850 USA in 1850 Slave Populations 1820~1860
Slavery Underground Railroad 1860 Pres Election Slave & Free States 1861
Union & Confederacy 1861 Civil War East 1861-1862 Civil War East 1862-1863
Civil War West 1861-1863 Civil War SE 1863-1865 US Civil War 1861~1865
Civil War in Virginia 1864 Pres Election Civil War Gettysburg 1865
Land Grants to US Railroads 1870 Cattle Trails 1870s US Territorial Growth 1783~1959
US History after 1865
Land Grants to US Railroads 1870 Cattle Trails 1870s 1876 Pres Election
Indian Reservations 1890 Spanish American War in the Caribbean Spanish American War in the Pacific
European Immigration U.S. in 1900 1912 Pres Election
World War I 1914~1918 WWI, Western Front, 1914~1918 Europe after WWI
The Great Migration 1932 Pres Election Great Depression 1935
The Dust Bowl World War II in Europe Normandy Invasion, June 1944
Holocaust Camps in Europe World War II in the Pacific Divisions of Germany After WWII
Korean War 1950~1953 Post WWII European Alliances US Territorial Growth 1783~1959
1960 Pres Election Civil Rights Movement Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
The Cold War Vietnam War 1972 Pres Election
U.S. Terrorism 1980 Pres Election First Gulf War
2000 Pres Election Afghanistan War Iraq War
2008 Pres Election