eMapShop runs under Windows XP, Vista, Win7, 8 and 10 and Mac OS X. It doesn’t need a fast processor either. It runs just fine on an 850mhz processor. The package really relies on two apps. The first is a small app that presents a simple, table-based menu with maps and categories to help the teacher quickly choose the right map for the lesson. The second is some app like Adobe Reader (or Acrobat DC) which is very likely already loaded on every PC in your district.

We also have introduced a web-based version that will run on a Windows PC, Mac PC, and Chromebook. This version currently has some limitation because of new security features built into the newest versions of Edge, Chrome, and Fire Fox browsers.  However, it can be delivered to individual students’ computers over your Intranet or school network without the need to install Adobe Reader or other executable programs or apps.